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Spinal Injury

A spinal injury is one of the harshest for patients and their loved ones to deal with. Issues such as paralysis, loss of day to day functions, and muscle spasms can be results. Let our team of avid disability insurance lawyers assess your spinal injuries claim. We can help seek the aid you deserve.

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Spinal Injury Insurance Claims

Let our skilled team of disability insurance lawyers and staff handle your LTD spinal injury claim. We know these types of injuries leave you unable to work, barring motion and loss of feeling or reflex. As seasoned disability attorneys, we are ardent in providing the highest level of service to every client. The best way to handle a LTD claim is for the client and his or her lawyer to speak one on one before starting a case. The sooner the better!

Spinal injuries do not just affect the patient, but their loved ones as well. Loss of movement can cause undue stress. Depression, low blood pressure, and breathing problems can also be side effects from spinal injuries. Get sound legal counsel to assess if you can recoup loss of income due to your spinal injury. Our firm will respond quickly to your claim!

The loss of function due to spinal injuries results in tragic personal, medical, fiscal, and career setbacks. Everyday tasks linked with an injured spine can be daunting. Loss of feeling can affect every facet of your life. Simple tasks such as making a meal or personal hygiene can pose a challenge. Let us help give you peace of mind by seeking benefits to support you and your loved ones.

The range of spinal injuries can vary. Pinched nerves, damaged discs, paralysis, ligament damage, and fractured vertebrae are of the most common ailments of spinal injuries. As disability insurance lawyers, we are very familiar with the medical jargon of spinal injuries and how to best serve as your legal counsel against insurers.

Because people who suffer serious spinal injuries often are unable to keep their jobs, it is crucial to take action right away! Know you are in good hands as we advocate the extent of your injury. We will fight for the merits of your case.

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At Hagner and Zohlman we have over 20 years in practice as disability insurance lawyers. Call us if you've suffered a spinal injury in South Jersey, Burlington County, Camden County, Monmouth County.

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