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Hip Replacement

Has your hip replacement disability claim been denied? Most patients have to endure the pain and hardship of further surgeries and rehab. Sciatic pain, loss of feeling, and weakness are all side effects from hip replacement surgery. These symptoms can make it hard for people to return to work and perform assigned tasks. Contact us now for a one on one free consult to discuss your hip replacement claim.

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Hip Replacement Claims

Prolonged sitting or standing can be very painful. Our disability insurance lawyers will work hard to push your LTD claim through. We know how the system works in regards to filing hip replacement claims. Hip replacement surgery is one of the most common joint replacement procedures performed in the US. Let our disability insurance lawyers handle your LTD claim while you focus on your health.

Many patients will suffer painful side effects. Regardless of the cause, hip replacement surgery requires the removal of all or part of the hip joint. During surgery, soft tissue damage can occur. This leads to further distress. The type of hip used in the replacement is also crucial. We have the savvy to defend your LTD claim against insurers. Hiring skilled disability insurance lawyers like us will provide peace of mind while you recover. Get sound legal counsel to assess if you can recoup loss of income due to your hip replacement -- call us now!

Hiring a keen law firm, like us, representing you can decrease the amount of money going out for health care costs. It can also increase the amount of money coming in through LTD pay. Some patients may not be able to walk for many months. Having to rely on others for simple daily tasks can cause more stress. Tasks like making meals and driving can seem hopeless. Let us file your disability claim so that you have peace of mind for you and your loved ones through recovery. Our firm will respond quickly to your hip replacement claim. The best way to handle a LTD claim is to speak to your lawyer one on one before starting a case. The sooner the better; call us today!

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Attorneys Hagner and Zohlman have over 20 years in practice helping people like you get what they are owed from insurers. Call us if you have been denied a claim for a hip replacement in South Jersey, Burlington County, Camden County, Monmouth County.

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