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ERISA Claims

When it comes to ERISA claims, our team of disability insurance lawyers are on standby to defend you tooth and nail. Your best chance on getting your claim approved is having skilled counsel to represent you through the process. Our dedicated legal team is here to help with your case, whether filing newly, or appealing a denied ERISA claim.

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The Employee Retirement Income Security Act of 1974, more commonly referred to as ERISA, was put in place to protect the benefits of employees, like pension. If you aren’t getting what you believe you are entitled to, call our law firm today to find out what legal recourse you have.

The application process is crucial to your chances of getting the benefits you deserve. Have it done right the first time so you can get the benefits you and your loved ones need sooner. Get in touch with one of our disability insurance attorneys today for help.

Denied ERISA Claims

It is vital to know that it is the insurer that will decide when you meet the legal standard of disability under the terms of the policy, not your employer. Your HR may mean well doling out advice, but disability insurance lawyers have the savvy to know the justice codes to satisfy the burden of proof for your ERISA claims. We know the legal system and insurers’ use of bad faith practice to deny claims. Our firm will hold insurers to the standard of the law and fight for your disability benefits. They have a team working on their side, and so should you. Call us now for a free case evaluation.

ERISA claims are complex and governed by strict outlines. These include deadlines, and what info can be presented when. This holds true for the appeals process, too. Our agile disability insurance lawyers know the proper way to log your illness for the best chance of success. If you rely on the forms alone provided by the insurer, chances are high your ERISA claim will be denied.

Retirement ClaimsWith over twenty years of tenure as disability insurance lawyers in New Jersey, we will be able wholly clarify the merits of your sickness. We can guide you through the right way of logging your symptoms for the best likely outcomes. Our legal team will work with your doctors to have reports formed.

Do not rely on the insurer’s lawyer to give sound advice. They work for the insurer. They have been known to guide claimants into certain choices for social security benefits. This can hinder the chances of your claim against them later.

Insurers are known for trying to catch you in the act. Follow your doctor’s orders to a tee. They will interview, send activity logs for you to record, even use video surveillance. Do not arm them with the power they are looking for. Let our legal team fight for you. You should not feel bullied. Arm yourself by hiring counsel who is well versed in handling ERISA claims. We are on standby your defense. We offer a free one on one initial consult to hear the merits of your case. We pledge to provide the highest level of service to every client while handling their ERISA claim.

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At Hagner and Zohlman, we have refined a well-earned standing and record for success defending ERISA claims. We will work hard for you. One distinct favor in hiring a disability insurance lawyer at the onset of an insurance claim appeal is to reduce overall time of the process. Call today for peace of mind. We represent those have have denied ERISA claims in South Jersey, Burlington County, Camden County, Monmouth County.

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