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Denied Claims

Denied claims happen more often than not, that’s how insurers stay in business. Don’t panic! The best way to prepare moving forward is to hire a qualified disability insurance lawyer like one from our firm. We have the savvy and know-how with the legal system to address your disability claims the right way.

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Many denied claims are the result of the insurer who felt you didn’t suffer a severe enough injury. They may also claim that your injury didn’t take place within the scope of employment. The first step in these types of cases is to hire a disability claims lawyer. We offer an initial free one on one consult so we can fairly assess your case. With 20 years of tenure, we have the fervor to respond to your denied claim quickly.

Most denied claims are the result of insurers who employ bad faith methods. This does not mean that your disability claim was not valid. Insurers are known for using bogus and less than proper reasons for denying claims. Often they freely engage in unfair practice and not in administrative error. This is due to employer bias. This bias occurs most often with injuries that involve pain that cannot be wholly cited. This choice is based on medical exams, x-rays and other imaging. Our disability insurance lawyers will dig into your case to find out what happened, and fight for you to recover what you are owed.

If you have made a claim under an LTD policy and your claim has been denied, we can help! Also, if your claim was approved and then later denied, we can be of benefit. You have the right to appeal. As disability insurance lawyers we can help decide if you can get for more benefits. Denied claims occur for many reasons. Perhaps it was because the help you received was not covered under your plan. Or, maybe the plan wanted more data in regards to your claim. Either way, we can respond to the gaps that resulted in your claim being denied. We have refined a well-earned standing and record for success in regards to these types of cases. We will work hard to have your denied claim overturned.

Denied Disability ClaimIf at any point you have a claim denied, you should seek counsel from a disability insurance lawyer right away. Our legal team knows how to assist you with the appeal process as outlined by insurers. We are also versed in federal and state law. Often insurers will simply turn people down hoping they will give up. Hiring a lawyer after being turned-down can make insurers reconsider the denied claim. You will be taken more seriously than if no lawyer was hired. With over two decades in practice specifically with disability insurance claims, you can be sure we know how to help you.

Denied claims can also be a result of an insured’s failure to comply or satisfy the terms of a policy. As disability insurance lawyers, we know the law, and not every denied claims case is as cut and dried as insurers want you to believe. The sooner you address the denied disability claim, the better! Insurers have ethical and legal burdens to consider in regards to good faith claims. We will fight for you to make sure they are held to their standards. We will work hard to recoup lost wages you and your loved ones so badly need.

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